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It has been cool to watch ShapeThree evolve over the years, I spent a couple of days hanging with

Dave capturing some of the processes. It's awesome to see boards that would be thrown away, turned 

into pieces of art. Also, some profit goes back into skateboarding, building new things to skate at hometown park. Enjoy and be sure to check out to find his work!

This past weekend, Destructo trucks took its first trip In quite some time. With Tommy De Maria fresh on board, Unk filming, and some new exciting additions to the team. I was stoked to Jump in the van. 

Norman just put out a sick new part in Magic Square. I wanted to find out a little more about what he's up to, Enjoy!


On a recent drive from San Fransisco to Los Angles, Trevor asked me to talk about my arm injury on his daily Vlog. Enjoy and be safe!  *Warning* Some graphic content.

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