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Destructo X San Luis Obispo

This past weekend, Destructo trucks took it's first trip In quite some time. With Tommy De Maria fresh on board, Unk filming, and some new exciting additions to the team. I was stoked to Jump in the van. Big thanks to Tommy De Maria at Destructo for making it happen!

Will: How long have you been with Destructo, and how was leading the new team on a first trip.

Tommy De Maria: I’ve been with Destructo since the end of August 2018. Leading the new team on our first trip was pretty easy honestly because I have known everyone that was in the van on a personal level so it wasn’t like I was going in too blind. Knowing the crew was all people that I personally brought on board I was confident that everyone would be on similar wave lengths and would get along well. There were a few heads missing from this trip that couldn’t make it but it was great to get a good chunk of the crew together for our maiden voyage as a recently, I guess you could say, “re-birthed” company and I’m really looking forward to our next trip.

Tommy navigating along the 101

Will: How was your first trip filming the Destructo squad?

Last to sleep, First awake and always hyped.
Unk: Man let me tell you. It was all about the pants. Some people get um for cost, some people pay full price. I had to pay full price and I was happy to support. Haha Naa shit was dope. I actually am really close with a few of the squad and that makes it cool. Sharing with your regular people and connecting with other like minded dudes. That’s what it’s all about. I wish I was in a van everyday with the homies. Let’s do it again!

Will: This being everyones first trip with Destructo, how long have you been on Destructo and how was the first trip?

"I don’t think we ever had a single moment of silence in the van" Bastien

Bastien, Backside Flip
Bastien Salabanzi: I started skating for Destructo in November 2018. I really liked that trip cause the energy was super positive. It was my first time meeting some of the team members but what was so cool is that after that short trip I felt like I knew those guys for years. I had so much fun with the squad, I don’t think we ever had a single moment of silence in the van. We were just having a good time. Can’t wait to get back on the road again with my boys.

Bastien and Pierre

Chris Pierre: I’ve been on destructo for a couple months now. Stoked to be on board! The first trip was pretty dope. High key wish it was longer, but you gotta get while you can right? Thank you Destructo and Tommy for the good times.
Pierre, 5-0

Justin Backlip, Unk Capturing
Justin Smith: I’ve been riding Destructos since like October of last year and it’s super cool how many rad people I’ve already met thus far just from being affiliated with the brand. The first trip to SLO was a success in my opinion. It was dope riding in a 15 seater van hitting up street spots with dudes like Bastien Salabanzi, TJ rogers and the newest pro Chris Pierre. The whole squad was on point. Shouts out to Tommy, Unk, Will, Craig, Brent, and Brooks as well.
Justin and the crew fueling up for the day

Craig, Nosegrind

Craig Edwards: I've been on Destructo for almost a month and it has been smooth sailin' since. Our trip was super fun, Tommy did a really good job orchestrating the whole thing. It was successful all around, everyone got footage & photos. A heavy crew to be with! Thanks again to everyone!

Craig, Skatewarehouse

Brooks Humphrey: I’ve been skating for Destructo since the end of October and couldn’t be more stoked on the program, the product, and the team. The first trip was so rad. We had the seasoned veterans like Tj and Bastien holding it down and the young guns eager to huck. Even though the weather was not cooperative it was all smiles and good times with the boys. Even the time spent in the van was enjoyable hearing stories, playing the pro name game for hours until our heads hurt. Honored to ride around with these dudes, always hyping each other up. Good vibes with everyone. Can’t wait for the next trip! Destructo gang for life.

Brooks, Smith

Brent, Frontside Flip

Brent Strittmater: I’ve been on Destructo for about 4-5 years now. The trip was so dope. I’ve never been to San Luis Obispo so it was sick jamming all these amazing dudes into a van and going out skating. Everyone on the trip handled, it was nothing but good times!! DUDE, got another one!! Daryl Angel!! Haha best van game ever. SAN LUIS DESTRUCTO!!!

Brent and the crew at Skatewarehouse

TJ, Switch Heel

TJ Rogers: I’ve been on destructo since Jan 1 2019, and it’s been an amazing experience so far. We went on our first trip to San Luis Obispo within the first 6 weeks I got introduced to the team and it was super rad! Had a good time hanging with the whole team. Really looking forward to the next one!

TJ and Bastien

Thanks to everyone on the trip and everyone who made it possible. Good times were had and everyone crushed it, ready for the next one! - Will Fisher

Thanks for reading!

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