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Exploded arm story via Trevor Jacob

Updated: Sep 15, 2018

On a recent drive back from San Fransisco to Los Angles, Trevor (@trevorjacob) asked me if I wanted to talk a bit about my arm injury on his daily Vlog. We recounted an injury I had couple years ago. Check it out, or if you want something lighter watch any one of his daily Vlogs, you will not be disappointed.

Crazy how fast things can go south, I got very lucky at every step of the way. Avoiding any infection or serious complications. Also having less surgeries then they initially thought.

Wearing a seatbelt saved me, it would have been a lot worse had I not been. Luckily today after lots of surgeries and physical therapy it is just about back to 100% besides the skin graft that will always be apparent. Like Trevor says in this, if you don't feel comfortable about doing something don't do it.

I think the quote Trevor mentioned during our conversation is definitely a good thing to consider before doing something potentially risky, and applies to everything in life.

"you don't rise to your skill you sink to your training" former head of LA SWAT team.

*Warning graphic photos!

Below are a few photos from the injury, originally wasn't going to include them because its a little graphic, but it's also kind of interesting.

Thanks for reading!

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