There are a couple companies that have never disappointed.

Nikon is excluded sinmply because there are other equal or superior options.



Profoto gear is exceptional, which does come with a cost. But if accuracy and reliability are important they will never let you down.


Godox/ Neewer

The Neewer AD-360 is a great option if you want a cheap with output light for HSS but you definitely get what you pay for. I would recommend these to start with but if you want consistency and a product that will stand up to every day hard use i would definitely say get something built more rugged. 




This is gear that over the years I trust. Hopefully a D850 will be added this year.

NOTE* This section is not endorsed by or associated with any of these companies.

Tools that never leave my bag, all under $50 

1.Clamps: (More useful in studio)

Avoid colors when buying clamps, you will get color reflections when photographing products. 


2.Clamps W/ Stud : More Usefull in studio:

Useful for holding a reflector or flag.


3. Manfrotto Mini PIXI EVO 2 

First of all don't think of getting any other of the mini manfrotto tripods if your using a full sized dslr. This one is way worth the 10 or so extra dollars.

Essential if you are using a fisheye on location and need to have a low down angle. Save the agony of laying on the ground in weird angles. 


4.Manfrotto Super Clamp:

Attach almost anything, you can't have enough of these. I use them for attaching speed lights to things such as poles to hide the light. I also use one with a U Hook with my camera bag or sandbag  to weigh down whatever lightstand is the most at risk 


5. U hook

Easy way to hang sandbag or camera bag from light stand, also many other uses.

This Image Above would have

been much more difficult and unpredictable without this tool.

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